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the rarest precious metal is conquering the world in rapid steps!

Osmium has been officially tradable since 2014. It is available in the form of jewellery or as an investment metal. Due to its crystalline lustre and its properties, it has embarked on an unprecedented triumphant march.

Osmium is the chemical element Os, has the atomic number 76 and is the 8th and last precious metal, it is the rarest and densest precious metal and has an unfalsifiable crystal structure and has the highest value density of all elements and is therefore the perfect investment metal for investors.

It is a hard, brittle, steel-blue transition metal and belongs to the platinum group of metals. Osmium is mined together with platinum. Yet 10,000 tonnes of platinum ore contain only 30 grams of osmium. The separation of the metals is complex, time-consuming and cost-intensive.

If the production of platinum declines, osmium will no longer be mined, which increases the rarity value enormously. According to the current data of the Osmium World Council, the mined quantities of osmium, which refer to platinum mining with osmium as a by-metal, are about one tonne per year.

Unfortunately, the information on production quantities is only of limited value at present, as the reserves that can currently still be produced and the underlying resources can only be estimated to a limited extent due to the loss of Russian suppliers. However, it can be assumed that the global reserves are already less than 20 tonnes. Crude osmium from nickel mining is generally not used because the Ethical Extraction Guidelines do not usually allow it. Of the one tonne of raw osmium produced, about 400 kg per year are sent to crystallisation for refining.

The remaining quantities are kept "on stock" or are used in research, medicine and technology on a tiny scale. Osmium organochemistry with hundreds of compounds could also become exciting here in the future.

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Reserves are raw materials that can be extracted and resources are raw materials that are available in principle but can only be extracted at great expense or not in an economically sensible or ecologically justifiable way.

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Osmium is an asset, similar to all other precious metals and thus subject to price fluctuations
Osmium does not offer a return through interest
Osmium is still considered toxic by many (crude osmium is, crystalline osmium is not)
Currently still illiquid market


 Excellent diversification for precious metal portfolios
Hedge against inflation
Unforgeable due to crystal structure (each piece of osmium is certified by an OIC code)
High expected appreciation

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